Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water fall Rappelling on 10th August, 2008

This photo was taken at a waterfall in a small village near Kasara. The name of the village is Vihigaon. I had gone there with a adventure club named Youngsterz.
Well, my Rappelling adventure started on 10th August at 3:30 in the morning. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. actually it'll b wrong to say that I woke up cause I hardly slept due to the excitement. I got ready by 4:30 and left. I had to reach Kalwa station by 6:30 am. From where I had get into the bus with the other members of the group. Luckily central railway was BY MISTAKE came on time ad I reached Kalwas right on time. I got onto the bus and reached Vishigaon within 3 hours. The journey was superb with lots of fun in the bus. We took a halt at a small restaurant fr breakfast.
When we reached the destination few members of the Youngsterz (The Organiser) were already present over there. They were setting up the ropes and other stuff for the rappelling. When the demonstrations started it started raining heavily. The water level of the river increased so rapidly that the waterfall started making thunder like noise with gushing water. Organisers were also bit afraid to continue the event in such situation. We all decided to have lunch first and wait for the rain to stop. If the water level falls then we would start rappelling. By the time we finished our lunch rain had stopped and it was safe to start the rappelling. But the only problem was it was late. We started rappelling at 4 o'clock. We had decided to leave at 4pm. Well, all of us were waiting atop the waterfall for our turn for the rappelling. Funny thing is, when my turn came it started raining again the ad water level rose all of a sudden. It was too risky to continue in such situation. And to add on to that it was 6:30 pm. It started getting dark. Organisers had to stop the event and I had to return with disappointed heart. I hope I'll get to do the rappelling next time.

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